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All of Eightfold Eats’ products are featured here. Nutritional analyses and allergen specifics are available.


SEED_HEMP_22_blur_named_V+S_LOGOSEED AND HEMP HEART BAR: This Gourmet Seed and Hemp Bar is not just any seed bar.  It contains a perfect balance of full proteins, complex carbs and EFAs with a whopping serving of antioxidants.  It has a fully satisfying, smooth taste that is lightly sweetened with Brown Rice Syrup. This bar is sure to fill the hunger gap while finding a beloved place in your child’s lunchbag. Allergen SpecificsNutritional Analysis


Almond Butter Carob Energy BarALMOND BUTTER CAROB ENERGY BAR: A beautiful mixture of nuts and seeds blended with lightly Toasted Carob powder and Almond Butter.  Sweetened lightly with Golden Brown Rice Syrup, Pure Pumpkin Protein powder with a dash of Vanilla.  This Energy bar will not spike blood sugar, instead it will release slowly over hours providing you with real energy without the crash. Allergen Specifics / Nutritional Analysis


Salty Chocolate Popcorn CrunchSALTY CHOCOLATE POPCORN CRUNCH: This is by far no ordinary treat; it’s another one of a kind Eightfold Eats creation.  Crispy and chewy at the same time, this leaves a Rocky Road bar in the dust!  Not only is this Gluten-Free but Vegan as well.  With a deeply satisfying Dark Chocolate base, you’ll discover freshly popped Popcorn, Vegan Marshmallows, Burnt Almonds, Toasted Sunflower Seeds all with a dash of Vanilla & Coconut.  Sea Salt adorns & Brown Rice Syrup finishes off this snack for a cavalcade of sensory tingling and pleasure, leading you ultimately to happiness. Allergen Specifics / Nutritional Analysis

Silky Fudge Cream Cheese Brownie

SILKY FUDGE CREAM CHEESE BROWNIE: A silky smooth body of Pure Chocolate with the mild notes of sweetness from Coconut Sap.  Pure fudge resides in this “no cake” brownie, topped with a layer of rich cream cheese.  For real Chocolate lovers. Allergen SpecificsNutritional Analysis


Coconut Key Lime ZingerCRUSTED COCONUT KEY LIME ZINGER: A beautiful and refreshing treat perfect for citrus lovers. A silky smooth, Lime and Coconut centre to please your taste buds is first layered on our famous Almond Vegan crust.  Topped off with a crusted Coconut-entrenched layer dazzled with Lime Zest and oil. No artificial Lime is used. Allergen Specifics / Nutritional Analysis



Cashew Butter Pumpkin Pecan BarCASHEW BUTTER PUMPKIN PECAN BAR: An amazing fall and winter treat, yet comforting all year around.  This treat has a unique and winning combination of flavours that melt in your mouth.  Starting with our famous Almond Vegan crust, moving up to a nourishing layer of Pure Cashew butter and topped by a thick layer of Pure Pumpkin meat, Dates and Pecans with a light dash of Coconut Sap.  Finally, a crown of overflowing crushed Pecans and drizzled with Pure Coconut for that feeling of completion. Allergen Specifics / Nutritional Analysis


Peanut Butter Choco Vegan Energy BarPEANUT BUTTER CHOCO VEGAN ENERGY BAR: This energy bar is for true Peanut Butter lovers. Cashews and Hazelnuts balance beautifully with Dutch Cocoa along with smooth organic Peanut Butter. Sweetened lightly with Golden Brown Rice Syrup, so as not to spike blood sugar levels. Releases good clean energy over hours making it a big favourite with athletes for its many benefits and full proteins. Allergen Specifics / Nutritional Analysis


Schokolade Lavender Cashew Cluster

SCHOKOLADE LAVENDER CASHEW CLUSTER: A sinful synergy of Lavender infused Dark Chocolate embodied in a creamy texture of Coconut, Cashews and Dutch Cocoa.  Buried in this luscious Chocolate mixture are Blueberries and more Cashews, ultimately drizzled with more Chocolate.  A rush for the adventurous palate and a delight for someone who has yet to try this amazing concoction.  100% Pure Lavender oils from real flower buds are used. Allergen Specifics Nutritional Analysis

Matcha Green Tea Coco Crispee

MATCHA GREEN TEA COCO CRISPEE: This Vegan Crispee is no ordinary snack.  Crispy and chewy at the same time, Coconut ribbons and a hint of Vanilla compliment the pure Japanese ceremonial Matcha Green Tea powder which shapes this delightful, wonderfully refreshing snack. Allergen SpecificsNutritional Analysis



Cranberry Walnut Delight Jumbp CookieCRANBERRY WALNUT DELIGHT JUMBO COOKIE: A Vegan cookie bursting with flavour.  Pure Walnuts and Cranberries with nutty Almond undertones provide a perfectly filling vehicle of nourishment.  Crispy on the outside and soft and chewy in the middle, this is a snack great for grab and go or as a dessert treat. Allergen Specifics / Nutritional Analysis



Quinoa Almond Butter Jumbo CookieQUINOA ALMOND BUTTER JUMBO COOKIE: Quinoa in a cookie? Give the people what they want.  Embodied in Pure Almond butter, the nutty undertones of the Quinoa work perfectly together.  This cookie will make a believer out of anybody.  So soft and smooth, bite your way to the centre for a treat of Dark Chocolate nirvana.  This cookie beauty is sweetened perfectly to balance and bring out the other flavors embedded in this amazing snack.  Its honestly hard to put in words… try a jumbo for yourself and you`ll be enlightened. Allergen Specifics / Nutritional Analysis


Peanut Butter Stuffed Chocolate Chunk Jumbo CookiePEANUT BUTTER STUFFED CHOCOLATE CHUNK JUMBO COOKIE: A simple Vegan and Sugar-Free cookie focused on one thing…Peanut Butter.  Bite into this cookie and experience nothing but flavour from organic Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate chunks and a hint of Coconut.  Then bite your way to the centre for a bigger double burst of the favourite Peanutty spread. A modern twist on the old-fashioned favourite grandmothers are famous for. Allergen Specifics / Nutritional Analysis



Rosehip Chocolate Cashew TruffleROSEHIP CHOCOLATE CASHEW TRUFFLE: Be ready for a flavour explosion to tickle bitter, sweet and spicy taste buds all at the same time.  This surprising morsel contains Ginger, Nutmeg, Cocoa and Cayenne, to name a few original ingredients, alongside Rosehip powder.  Rosehips are proven to lower blood pressure and the addition pairs beautifully with Apricots and the Coconut Sap along with others in this super-dense truffle.  Expect a rolling of flavours – along with a wide array of sensations – over your palate. Allergen Specifics Nutritional Analysis



Banana Poppy Seed LoafBANANA POPPY SEED LOAF: Altered from a century-old family recipe, this Banana and Poppy Seed combination will wow your tastebuds while melting in your mouth.  This bread is so soft and well-textured, it is promised to rival the best Banana Bread you have tried. Guests will be coming back for this feature of your hospitality. Allergen Specifics Nutritional Analysis



Banana Poppy Seed MuffinBANANA POPPY SEED MUFFIN: This take-off of the traditional loaf-style Banana Bread is a must-buy for those who need breakfast on the go, a pick-me-up at early office meetings or in contrast, nourishment with the early news. With the same light melt-in-your-mouth flavour as our Banana Poppy Seed Loaf, you will find more crust and crunch with every bite in the muffin format. Allergen Specifics / Nutritional Analysis